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  • April 17, 2021
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Individuals are losing trust in the media at a more rapid rate now more than ever. Nearly 70% of people believe that news stories are being planted by oppositional parties, according to Statista. Perhaps even worse, Statist also pointed out that more than 20% of people selected that they “never” trust online news sources, and an additional 20% expressed that they “rarely” trust online news sources. With the level of consumer scepticism toward the media, how can a relationship of trust develop between a reader and a news outlet? It is impossible to know which news stories are authentic and which stories are being fabricated to meet a hidden agenda.

A recent survey reported that only 43% of males and 45% of females believed they could accurately distinguish fake news from real news. Fake news is problematic because it can lead to the loss of finances, especially with digital currency. News and information in the digital currency space needs to be cleaned up so that the industry as a whole can become more trustworthy and gain higher valuation.

The CMN Crypto Media Network is on a mission to eradicate fake news about digital currency. We are reporting REAL New to provide a trustworthy news source to the investor

However, the sentiment towards the industry is still largely confusing because there’s no dedicated media publication to report the facts and the trends appropriately.

In this whitepaper, we walk you through the Crypto Media Network and its ardent need in today’s crypt reporting facet.

Gaps in Existing Crypto Media Publications  

Crypto markets are complicated and require expert advisory for the common user to decode the trends behind. Add to it the rising cases of fraud ICOs that have maligned the reputation of the industry. Amidst all this, it is unfair to believe that all crypto projects are unethical. The media has a greater role to adorn and educate the world about the truth.

The web is a risky place. Amidst large volumes of content being updated every day, it is difficult to decipher the authenticity of all the facts. So be it an enterprise’s financial performance or other quantifiable metrics such as the leadership backing the project, the technology expertise and the scope of the product in focus, everything is at the risk of falling prey to misinformation.

We believe that a larger part of the crypto news that we consume are ‘fake’. Arising an environment of fear, uncertainty & doubt, fake crypto news has had an adverse impact on the lifecycle of tokens on the exchanges. Many times these news features that lack originality have spread as facts thereby causing a severe damage to the overall repute of the crypto finance industry. 

Despite hundreds of media publications reporting crypto trends tirelessly, the trust in the parallel economy hasn’t really matured the way it should have. This is because media houses either don’t employ qualified professionals or their reporting is biased due to different reasons.

Fake news posing serious threat to Crypto Industry

The infamous Ethereum crash in June 2020 subtracted the coin value by USD 4 bn. That’s the adversity of fake news. A hoax floated across the web that Vitalik Buterin (ETH co-founder) passed away in a car crash.

Key drawback in existing crypto media publications

  • Lack of subject matter expertise in crypto finance and the underlying blockchain technology.
  • Applying fiat finance rules to decipher crypto market volatility.
  • Inability to influence millions of people about the revolutionary benefits of crypto finance.
  • Lack of cross-platform visibility.
  • Inability to decode regulatory hassles in different countries.
  • Moreover, existing crypto publications have not been able to cover the mammoth of tokens being launched into the markets every day.
  • Too many Exchanges and Trading Platforms
  • Complicated analytics UI board
  • Disparity across crypto platforms. 
  • High execution fees
  • Inefficient Pricing Points 

The Growing Trust in Crypto finance


Cryptocurrencies provide ample opportunities to earn long-term investment returns. The fact that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have grown by leaps and bounds in a controversial environment, it is attested that crypto finance is bigger than human predictions.  Here’s a quick run-through of Bitcoin’s explosive growth over the years.

Bitcoin Growth over the Years

Bitcoin_Growth _over_ the_Years
Number of Bitcoin Transactions per Month

The Need of a Reliable Crypto Media News Network

Give the continuous growing of crypto markets and products across sectors and nations, its high time that a dedicated media publication arrives. Just like there are qualitative analytics and news reporting journals for fiat finance, cryptocurrencies do deserve an exclusive space.

A dedicated media house could help bridge the gaps, eliminate rumours of all kinds and spread awareness about the revolutionary potential of decentralized finance.

Introducing Crypto Media Network (CMN)

CMN is an unbiased media platform and community comprised exclusively of the latest stories from professional writers that value ethical, authentic journalism. We believe that good journalism comes from good journalists.

The digital media outlets of today allow payments for stories or publish authors that are agents for businesses. Agents supplant stories with a hidden agenda other than to write real news. The CMN media ecosystem is raising funds to build the first ethical news platform for digital currency information. Platform participants will be granted access to the circulation of the most current cryptocurrency information available.

Targeting 100 Million crypto users in the world

In our mission to hone the quality of crypto journalism, we aim to reach this humungous pool of users spread all over the map. Through a strategically written product development roadmap, we are committed to reach global users through different mediums.


Crypto Media Network will be a full-time news services channel featuring cryptocurrency trends, widgets, and charts. As a part of the CMN publication, CMN will be accompanied by a newspaper journal, shows on OTT, token reviews, market analysis, and a range of other services. Additionally, CMN will comprehensively cover blockchain technology and other trends in the fintech domain. The full-fledged media service will begin operations in India, U.K, USA, and Australia followed by more countries in the future.

Driven By Principles

Our community will provide stories, hire professional writers, verify facts, and rate writers. All of the news posted on our platform must abide by a screening protocol called the “Reliable, Ethical, Attributive, and Lasting News Protocol” (REAL News Protocol™). Our protocol is being constructed with industry-standard ethics in mind, such as the SPJ Code of Ethics from the Society of Professional Journalists

Real, Ethical, Attributive, and Lasting

  • Our real stories deliver accounts of observed phenomenon in the world, not phenomenon that was created to meet a hidden agenda. In other words, our news stories are based off of reports derived from real events. Our mission is to provide the most objective, accurate information to inform the investor.
  • Our news stories are ethical because they are not retrieved or developed through the use of bribing, payment, or favors. Our stories are also ethical because they are not a part of smear campaigns developed by a company’s competitors. Our goal is to provide investors with a news source that they can rely on.
  • Our stories are attributive because the facts are checked and the sources are authenticated.
  • Our stories are lasting because they contribute to and create the larger conversations within the digital currency information space.

The CMN Landscape

Given the rise in misinformation about crypto markets, CMN will be instrumental in covering the facts so that the unbiased sentiment could be contained and the masses are educated about the true potential of crypto. This will also help to demarcate between legit ICO projects and fraudulent plans.


Starting with the news channel the service will be –

  • Available 24×7 for all targeted geographies.
  • Hosted by industry experts from different countries.
  • Featuring all major coins, crypto products, and market trends.
  • Producing text, videos, analytical charts, interviews, podcasts, reviews

and many more different forms of content.

How CMN can help?

CMN is a leading crypto media site launched especially to relieve the current crypto media of the scores of fake news circulating around. The CMN is equipped to empower the crypto industry with the most authentic and ethical news reports to help investors and traders take an informed decision.

The crypto market features a highly volatile scene and the crypto community is influenced largely by the media. In other words, the rise and fall of a crypto coin is largely determined by the information circulating about it by the crypto media. So, if there is negative news around about a coin, chances are high that the coin will suffer a crash immediately.

Sadly the crypto market is marred with many such fake negative news reports that are simply toying with the future of several crypto coins. Another matter of concern is that, given the advancements in communication technology today, such fake news reports take no time to circulate worldwide, making the hoax a widespread phenomenon.

The CMN token

In that light, CMN has come up with a new crypto token that will help to beat fake news around and establish a fair and transparent crypto media. The token aims to patronize ethical and professional crypto journalists who will enrich the crypto scene with only the most genuine news reports.

It’s to note here, the CMN token is guided by a unique REAL protocol. The term “REAL” here stands for:

  • Real news only written by professional and dedicated journalists
  • Ethical news only based on authentic facts
  • Attributive news reports that are verified thoroughly before publishing
  • Lasting news reports that can make some positive and long-term contributions to the crypto  community

CMN Ecosystem Roadmap 

To ensure qualitative development of the CMN infrastructure including the satellite news channel launch, OTT shows production, app development and the online publication, we’ll be engaging into multiple strategic partnerships with vendors from different disciplines.

The CMN infrastructure development process can be broadly divided into the following 3 phases.


Brand Vision

  • Outline product goals for 1 year after the launch.
  • User identification as per target audience needs.
  • SWOT analysis – complete market analysis, best practices.
    potential industries, competitors.
  • Key dependencies – Legal, Geographic, Operational, Financial.

User experience (UX) vision

  • Create end-to-end user journey mapping.
  • Core strategic experience principles to underpin and guide creation of every part of the user experience.
  • The scalability of product features in compliance with user needs and operational ease.
  • Product branding focal points – the language, visual tone, and colour codes etc.  Principles, visual communication, colour ways, image use, TOV.

Initial operational analysis

  • Management structure across product development, sales, marketing, and support.
  • Recruitment and team growth plan.
  • Tools and licenses required.
  • Initial operational process and product delivery process, considering;
    • Initial set up
    • Approach for scaling (outsourcing/freelance etc) 
    • 1-year plan
    • 3-year vision

CMN Marketing Approach

With a focus on embracing digital transformation, marketing forms an important part of our product lifecycle.  The core objectives of the product marketing strategies include –

  • Establishing the Issam Wallet for enhanced user engagement
  • Build thought leadership around the members and representatives
  • Sustain the visibility in mainstream media

Building awareness around the project

Create mission-driven strategies to educate the target group about CMN through avidly produced and marketed content. 

  • Press releases
  • Video content marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Community building and engagement

Promotion through Announcement Sites and Press Release Distribution

  • High Quality Press Release Writing
  • Identifying Relevant Platforms to Announce Product Launch
  • Press Release Distribution to relevant Websites
  • Targeting the right Audience and Publications

Building Buzz with Social Media Platforms

There are various cryptocurrency communities, groups, pages and networks on social media. These communities will provide us with the opportunities to meet many likeminded stakeholders and investors.

Telegram: Telegram is an excellent platform for Marketing. It is a major network for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Quora: Quora is an amazing discussion platform filled with very rational people. Topics on Initial Coin Offerings are great for posting questions and getting a good exposure for your Exchange Platform.

Reddit: Reddit has many popular crypto channels. Join them and start discussion threads.

Relevant LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn is filled with the professional populace and these members will be a great asset in promoting the wallet.

Email Marketing

We’ll design and implement a strong email marketing strategy to reach potential users and educate them about the client’s business/services in order to improve engagement.

  • Triggering the curiosity with teaser Email – 10 days before the launch
  • Announcing new release with a product email – Send it 5 days before the product launch
  • Launch the product – Announcing via email on the product launch date
  • Launch Email Sequence, Drip Marketing (Database to be provided by client initially).

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